The book, “ Why RepentSimply Obey ” is about learning obedience to “The Word of God.

God is Not A Man–He Cannot Lie. (Numbers 23:19). Therefore, whenever he speaks; Obedience is the only expected response, and that without question.

Inside Nuggets Include:
  • Though he were a Son, yet learned He Obedience by the things which He suffered…
  • He suffered to be identified with us. We must obey to be identified with Him…
  • Obedience is the only proof of your faith in God. (Dr. Mike Murdock).
  • Repentance is never a substitute for obedience.
  • Unbelief is the root of all disobedience. (Dr. Mike Murdock).
  • When we are obedient, there’s no need for repentance.
  • Sin No More = Repent No More
  • Go And Sin No More…
  • Obedience must be learned.
  • Lunatics do the same dumb thing repeatedly.
  • When I became a man I put away childish things…
  • As obedient children not fashioning yourselves according to the former lust in your ignorance…
  • Get the book, you’ll be blessed, inspired, and encouraged above measure…(my money-back guarantee).