100 Wisdom keys



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  1. Your significance is not in your similarity to another but, in your point of difference.
  2. You never outgrow warfare you simply learn to fight.
  3. God never consults your past to determine your future.
  4. The broken become masters at mending.
  5. Any movement towards order creates pleasure.
  6. When you ask God for a miracle, He will always give you instructions.
  7. The problem that infuriates you the most, is the problem God has assigned you to solve.
  8. Disobedience is always more costly than obedience.
  9. The first evidence of wisdom is order.
  10. Pain is proof of disorder.
  11. Mentorship is wisdom without pain.
  12. Bitterness is deadlier than betrayal.
  13. Gifts often reveal the character of those who receive them.
  14. Obedience is the only thing God has ever required of man.
  15. Your endurance demoralizes your adversary.
  16. Silence cannot be misquoted.
  17. The only reason men fail is broken focus.
  18. The pain of your past will decide your passion for the future.
  19. The quickest cure for ingratitude is loss.
  20. The ungodly gives gifts to manipulate decisions; the godly gives gifts to prove love.
  21. Information births confidence.
  22. Never complain about what you permit
  23. True friends have the same enemies.
  24. Uncommon obedience unleashes uncommon favor.
  25. The tithe is the proof of your obedience; the offering is proof of your love.
  26. When you replay the past you poison the present.
  27. What you do is what you believe.
  28. The longevity of every relationship is decided by the willingness to forgive.
  29. The battle of life is for your mind; the battle of your mind is for focus.
  30. The proof of love is the passion to give.
  31. When God talks to you about a seed, he has a harvest on his mind.
  32. When you ignore God, you schedule a tragedy.