To Build You need:

Regardless of the purpose /use of the building the principles are the same. Precept must be upon precept; for you cannot add precepts where there are no precept

1. Purpose –You’ve got to begin with a purpose in mind. What will the building be used for.? This will determine how the foundation is built; where the windows and doors are located. Do you need a kitchen? bathrooms? bedrooms? steps? etc.

2. Plans: Next, you’ll need a set of approved architectural drawings. (A wise man will follow the instructions).

3. A qualified contractor /builder : It takes wisdom and skill to build. Always check the references and qualifications of anyone claiming to be a contractor.

4. M oney and Material resources : Supplies must be readily available.

5. Tools and Equipment : Having the right tools is half the job.

6. Time and patience : Set a completion date/timeline. How long will it take to lay the foundation? How long will it take to build the walls? Each segment must have a time schedule for completion. A progress report.

7. Dedication and commitment : It’s one thing to get started, but it’s another to stay focused and finish what you started.

PS . To Destroy–simply do nothing.